EnviroProtect is an occupational health, safety and environmental service company which was established in 1994. The organisation is founded on the principle of protecting people from being impacted by exposure to potentially adverse environmental conditions in their workplace. We aim to identify the nature of occupational health risks brought to our attention and to recommend safe work procedures consistent with relevant regulatory guidelines that are effective and that can be readily adopted.

EnviroProtect also provides advice on protecting the environment and human health that integrates economic, social and environmental considerations. In particular we adopt the principles of intergenerational equity, conservation of biological diversity, the waste management hierarchy and the precautionary approach in meeting environmental goals using the most cost-effective procedures.

In the process of resolving these issues, EnviroProtect also makes sure that all relevant standards, guidelines and regulations set by the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority Act, State Environment Protection Policy (SEPP), National Environment Protection Measure as amended 2013, WorkSafe Guidelines and other statutory obligations are met.

The company employs a team of qualified and experienced consultants, which include Environmental, Scientific and Engineering Consultants, Hydrogeologists, Occupational Hygienists, Laboratory Technicians and Administrative Support Staff.

The Environmental Division of the company provides services in the sampling, analysis, assessment and remediation of potentially contaminated soils, groundwater and soil vapour across a range of commercial, industrial and residential scenarios. The extensive investigative ability of the Environmental Division assists in our ability to conduct Preliminary (PSI) and Detailed (DSI) Site Investigations; Offsite Disposal Classification of Soils; Underground Storage Tank Assessment, Removal and Validation; Site Soil, Groundwater and Soil Vapour Investigations; Acid Sulphate Soils Assessments (ASS) and a range of other services including Phase I risk assessments to human health and the environment.

Our PSI and DSI reports are prepared in accordance with relevant EPA and NEPM 2013 guidelines and are used to support environmental auditors in the preparation of Environmental Audit reports and Clean Up to Extent Practicable (CUTEP) reports to meet EPA CUTEP guidelines.

The Occupational Health and Safety Division of the company provides services in Part 5 Risk Assessments, Part 6 Asbestos and Hazardous Material Audits, Asbestos and Synthetic Mineral Fibre Monitoring, Asbestos Clearance Air Monitoring, Visual Inspections and Clearance Letters, Dust, Fumes/Gases, Lead and Silica Monitoring and a wide range of other hazardous material and hygiene services.

EnviroProtect’s occupational health and safety division is supported by an in-house laboratory that is accredited by the National Association Testing Authorities (NATA) and approved under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety (Asbestos) Regulations to perform asbestos fibre counting, synthetic mineral fibre counting and identification of asbestos in bulk samples.

EnviroProtect Pty Ltd consult and provide a wide range knowledge and experience on occupational health and safety and environmental services and we pride ourselves on performing independent of government, unions and employer organisations.

This combination of analytical and consultancy services provides an integrated service for EnviroProtect’s clients that covers all areas of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Services.

Accreditation No. 10732